Furthermore we provide

  • Equipment for storing chemicals
  • Complete technological solutions for storages of acids, lyes and other chemicals with the emphasis to the operator's safety and environment protection
  • Tanks of plastics for the building industry
  • Accumulation tanks, underground tanks, biological septic tanks, cesspits, etc.
  • Plastic material sale
  • PP, PE, PVC, PVDF – plates, pipes, shaped pieces, fittings.
  • Plastic welding and forming
  • Broad spectrum of products from plastics, according to clients demands, always.

The technological equipment and individual products made of plastics offered to you have a very broad using in various industrial sectors. They are determined mainly for use in highly corrosive atmosphere.

Plastics are very convenient constructional materials due to their mechanical features, chemical resistance and low weight. In particular, plastics are accepted for the equipment determined for special technological processes, in which the chemical resistance is preferred. The operating life of such equipment is much longer than the operating life of products made from metal. An easy maintenance and cleaning are significant preferences of plastics, too.

Our products have been tested in practice successfully. We are experienced in construction, production, installation and maintenance for a long time. Our team consists of experts throughout the period of the implementation. We provide significant guarantees for all our products and services. Relevant technical and guarantee documents make an integral part of our supply.

The summary of our products specified herein is only a part of the goods we can offer to you. We always proceed individually and with respect to our customers and their specific applications. Technological and constructional designs are adapted to the existing operation situation.

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