Assembly of Plastic Distributing Piping for Liquids and Gasses

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We carry out the assembly of plastic distributing piping for liquids and gas including deliveries of tubes, adapting pipes, fitting, expansion joints, supports and production of atypical parts.

Use of pastic piping

Plastic piping systems are used in industry and in building industries for distribution of different liquid media.

The advantage of distributing piping made of plastic is high chemical resistance, long operating life and small mass firstly.

Most frequently it is used in technological processes (e.g. chemical plants, electrotype departments, metal pickling, chemical glass polishing, sewage treatment, chemical store, etc).

In building industries plastic piping is used for distribution of gas, water and for sewerage systems most frequently.

Technology of půastic piping interconnection

Different methods are used for connecting of plastic piping:

  • Butt welding
  • Electrofusion welding
  • Heated tool socket welding
  • Heated tool socket welding
  • Extruder welding
  • Solvent cementing
  • Flange joints
  • Straub socket couplings
  • and others methods

Staff qualification

Our company has at disposal qualified workers for welding and solvent cementing of plastics and qualified welding personal with certificates EPW, PWT, NDT plastic according to standard ČSN EN 13067, ČSN EN 13100-1, DVS 2221 and S-COP 102.

Welds are carried out according to certified welding procedure WPQR (WPAR).

Certifying body No. 3032 and Inspecting organization No. 07.

Piping material

Distributing piping is assembled of verified construction elements made of different plastic modifications:

  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polyethylene (PE)
  • polvinylchloride (PVC)
  • akrylnitril-butadien-styrene (ABS)
  • polyvinylidenfluoride (PVDF)

Main criterion for material choice is service conditions of piping system.

Service and spare parts

We offer service and deliveries of spare parts for all assemble piping systems.


Solving each business transaction we act individually as per Client’s needs and requirements.

Delivery range can include all from the delivery of individual components up to complete delivery of piping system including design, delivery, assembly and corresponding tests.

Please ask more detailed technical and commercial information.

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