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Use of plastic air ducts

Air-piping made of plastics according to this offer is determined for industrial use in highly corrosive atmosphere, above all.

The advantage of the air-distributing products made of plastics is their high chemical resistance, long service lifetime, low weight and simple assembly.

The most used applications are systems of polluted air exhausting from various technological processes (e.g. chemical plants, galvanizing shops, hot zinc dipping shops, metal pickling , chemical polishing and glass etching, neutralization of acid sewage, ventilation of stores with chemicals, etc.).

Construction design of plastic air ducts

Parts of the air-distributing ducts are made by welding from plastic sheets (heat-shaping, or cold bending), or extruded from tubes.

Connecting of piping parts is carried out with flanged connections, spigot-and-socket welded joints, or spigot-and-socket glued joints.

The producer solves the constructional and material design of the air-distributing ducts and all their components individually, for a specific use according to the working conditions and with respect to the client's specific needs.

Material of plastic air ducts

We use for production tested plastic semi-products and constructional elements from different modifications of materials: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyvinylidenfluoride (PVDF).

Working conditions of specific equipment make the main criterion for the choice of the material, always.

Delivery of plastic air ducts

The delivery of the air-distributing system may be implemented as the item delivery of individual components, the delivery of components including their assembly, or in the form of the complete delivery of the air-conditioning equipment including the design and the equipment for the air purification.

Each business case is solved individually according to the client's needs and requirements.

Data for item delivery of plastic air ducts

It is necessary to submit the data for the elaboration of a technical design for plastic air ducts and business offer as follows:

  • List of required air-distributing components and accessories
  • Maximal pressure (negative pressure) and temperature of transported air
  • Required material of components and accessories, or specific determination of working conditions (chemical and physical composition of air, situating the air-conditioning ducts, surrounding temperature, the other outside effects, etc.).

We provide expert's consulting during elaboration of the data.

Assortment of components for plastic air ducts

  • Piping and shaped pieces
    • Circular section pipes
    • Square section pipes
  • Terminal components
    • Fume hoods, exhausting frames, louvers (shutters), openings
    • Exhaust heads, shields, rain shutters
    • Stacks
  • Regulating and closing components
    • Manual flaps and slide valves
    • Pneumatic or electric flaps and slide valves
  • Fans
  • Vibration damping inserts and expansion bellows
  • Noise silencers
  • Accessories
    • Sealing
    • Connecting material
    • Piping supports (laying)

The list contains our basic assortment, only

We produce also atypical components according to the client's specific design or its requirement

Please, request for the detail technical and commercial information.

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